Selling Financial Services to Women

The Book

How you sell financial services to men is not the same as how you sell financial services to women. Even if men and women end up buying the same product, they may have different buying processes, questions and communication styles. Understanding these differences can increase your success dramatically when selling to women and selling to couples. (It will also give you a huge competitive advantage.)

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What you’ll learn in Selling Financial Services to Women:

• Why you should focus on women (Hint: Boomer women are going to end up with all the money)

• Brain differences between men and women

• Success stories including how to win a 20 million dollar account

• The two things women want most from financial professionals

• The biggest mistakes men make when selling to women

• The biggest mistakes women make when selling to men

• How to sell to couples

• How to generate referrals without even asking

• Why women are your best friend when selling insurance

• Which marketing channels and materials are most effective to reach women

• Women-winning questions – Ask these questions, close more business

• Surprising insights from our Women and Finance Survey

P.S. For all the guys out there asking, “Can men be successful in selling to women?” the answer is an emphatic, “Yes!”

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  • Selling Financial Services to Women