Selling Financial Services to Women

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How to Sell Financial Services to Women

You’ll learn specific techniques you can use to attract, sell to and retain female clients and customers. How you sell financial services to men is not the same as how you sell financial services to women. Even if men and women end up buying the same product, they may buy it for different reasons.  We’ll look at the brain differences, communication style differences and the difference in how men and women look at money.  Understanding these differences can increase your success dramatically when selling financial services to women and to couples.

Referrals – How to Use Word Of Mouth to Grow Your Business

One of the fastest and easiest ways to grow your business is through referrals, especially from women. Women refer 3-5 times more often than men.  Women turn to other women in their trusted network for recommendations about financial service professionals.  Many financial successes are built on the power of referrals.  Turn your female clients into referral machines by knowing the right way, time and place to ask for and generate referrals.

The Four Types of Women Investors

Not all women think alike or make financial decisions the same way.  They have different generational influences, personality types, priorities and risk tolerances.  Meet the four types of women investors and learn how to spot them.   We’ll look at how you can deliver the experience each type wants and close more sales.

Attracting Affluent Female Clients

Learn how to find, attract and close business with affluent women.  Single, divorced, widowed, or as part of a couple, these women are actively looking for financial guidance and are open to working with both men and women.  Boomer women are the sweet spot of this market.  Learn the differences in how to approach women under 50 and women 50 plus with insights from our Women and Finance Survey.  Build your business by learning how to market to, build relationships with and retain affluent female clients.

Recruiting and Retaining Women

Having a more diversified sales force gives companies a competitive edge.  Learn how to find high quality recruits and how to retain your best female talent.  Women bring many natural talents to the table.  And research shows companies with more women in leadership positions deliver stronger returns.  Get valuable, actionable insight on how to grow your business by tapping into the female talent pool.

Selling to Couples

Learn how to be more successful in attracting, working with and retaining couples.  Men and women often have different decision making styles, communication styles, values and priorities when it comes to financial planning.  Learn the differences between men and women and how to do a better job with both.

How to Sell More Insurance by Including Women in the Sale

Women are hard-wired to want insurance products and the protection they provide.  Women can be your best friend when you’re selling insurance to a couple.  We’ll look at life insurance, annuities and long term care insurance and how you can close more sales by focusing your efforts on women and what they want.

What Women Need to Know about Selling to Men

This is for women in the financial industry who want to be more successful in their careers and in their sales to male clients.  We’ll focus on gaining credibility, self-promotion and understanding male communication style and decision making process.  Look at your sales process through a man’s eyes and you’ll have lots of “aha” moments. You’ll learn what works and what can backfire.  Be more successful working with men, while still taking advantage of your natural female advantages.

Client Retention

There’s always a big focus on bringing in new business and clients. But the most successful producers excel at retaining their current clients, and growing their business by focusing on opportunities in their existing client list.  You’ll learn how to build stronger client relationships, generate more referrals and make clients for life.

Prospecting for New Clients

Learn how to find and get meetings with highly qualified prospects.  We’ll look at how you can become known as an expert in your field, which types of customers to focus on and which professionals and businesses you can partner with who have a similar client base.   Women are incredibly well networked.  Learn how to tap into her network and benefit from her affiliations.  From crafting more effective elevator speeches, to events and seminars, to using social media – you’ll get lots of ideas for ways to gain new clients.

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