Selling Financial Services to Women

Creating a Winning Client Communication System

In my Women and Finance Survey, I asked women the following question:

If you could change one thing about the way you work with your financial advisor, what would it be?

In this open-ended question the top answer was more communication. Answers included the following:

I want more personal contact so that he understands my life and priorities

I would be in touch with him more often

More opportunities for check-in

Would like to see him more often

That he check in with us more often

Don’t meet with her enough

More regular communication

More contact throughout the year

Regularly scheduled meetings to discuss plans

I would discuss more things with him

More time to meet with her

More interaction

Personalized conversations on a more regular basis

I would like more touch points with my advisor

How can you find ways to communicate more effectively with your clients? Especially when your time is already limited?

Increase communication by listening

Communication is a two-way street. In most meetings, the financial professional is doing most of the talking. What many clients want isn’t for you to talk more, but to listen more. When clients feel heard and understood, they need less communication since they have more trust in the fact you know them and understand their needs.

Read Selling Financial Services to Women for two incredibly effective techniques for being a better listener.

Create a customer communication system

You don’t have time to personally call every client on your list on a regular basis, but you can reach out to every one of them regularly using a strategic communication system. This is also known as Relationship Marketing.

Annette Bau uses an incredibly powerful system to grow her business using relationship marketing:

A successful strategy I use to generate referrals is relationship marketing. It is common for me to send out 100 heart-felt cards in a day. Samples of the best heart-felt cards for women include a Valentine’s Day card with truffles, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Holidays, their birthday and the day they became a client. These cards include photos and a handwritten note or inspirational quote. We then send out four referral cards, one each quarter. These include messages like, “Thanks for the referrals, We love referrals, We are looking for clients just like you and Who do you know?” While I have gotten numerous referrals from this strategy, more importantly, it has converted customers to clients for life.

Cultivating relationships is one of the most important aspects for generating business and acquiring more affluent women as clients. I acquired two of my largest eight-figure net worth clients as a result of relationship marketing. The key is to be relevant, create a relationship, educate, don’t sell and bring value.

I now have hundreds of advisors who use relationship marketing and who have also had amazing results. The secret is to automate the communication process so it happens whether you have time or not. Learn more at Million Dollar Relationship Marketing System.

Women AND men benefit from more and better communication. Be a better listener. Increase the number of touch points you have with your clients. Automate a system where you are in regular communication. Then watch your business grow.

For more ways to generate referrals and improve your client communication, read Selling Financial Services to Women.

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