Selling Financial Services to Women


“If you are a financial advisor who is looking for a way to increase your business, look no further than Holly Buchanan’s new book, Selling Financial Services to Women. Holly keeps you turning the pages at a quick clip as she combines valuable information with stories and specific tips on how to apply the knowledge to communicate more effectively with your clients whether they are women, men or couples. If you’re not reading this book, you’re going to be losing clients to financial advisors who are.”

–    Starr Cochran, CFP, EA, M. Ed

“Successful financial professionals all excel at one thing, they know and understand their clientele. The very best producers (male or female) have fostered an exceptional working relationship with their female clients.

Understanding the differences between men and women, knowing communication styles, body language, risk tolerance and decision making processes set these financial professionals apart and drive their performance success. Are you missing these skills?

I have worked with Holly Buchanan and have learned a great deal from her, placing much of it into practice today. Enjoy her style — she is a pleasing read. Most importantly embrace and incorporate her essential action steps into your practice.”

–    Ron Seilback — SVP, LTCI Solution Center Crump Life Insurance Services

“Selling financial Services to Women” by Holly Buchanan is a masterpiece on how to acquire and retain ‘women’ clients- one of the most under-served market segments across the world. If you are a financial advisor and serious about serving women as your primary target audience, this is your “go to” book to discover and develop deep insights on women and finance. Holly’s ‘action plan to implement’ at the end of every chapter on how to connect deeply with women clients is extremely engaging!

–    Partha Iyengar, Founder and Managing Partner Accretus Solutions India LLP

“In both  of her books, “The Soccer Mom Myth” and “Selling Financial Services to Women”, Holly has created  a text book on how to approach the  most important demographic in sales today.  We have booked her numerous times to speak, and we always buy her books to give away, because we think that her material is the most relevant information in our industry today and pertinent to every rep.”

–    Andrew S. Martin CLU, ChFC, President- First Protective

“Finally a book that addresses the most important and growing market for advisors…female clients. Buchanan cracks the code for how to work most effectively with women. Whether you are a male or female financial advisor, if you want to grow your practice – read this book!”

–    Ellen Rogin, CPA, CFP®, President, Strategic Financial Designs Inc., author of Great with Money: The Women’s Guide to Prosperity

“Well, Holly Buchanan has done it again! Following the ground-breaking debut of The Soccer Mom Myth, that shared accurate and actionable insights in marketing to women, she has launched a new book.: Selling Financial Services to Women.

Let me warn you in advance: This is not JUST about financial services. Oh sure, you’ll learn why men see money as something that will grow and women view money as something that will be depleted. And, she shares rich, detailed insight into how to gain a woman’s trust with broader, deeper conversations that help you understand her whole situation. And you’ll learn the simple differences between how men and women view long term investments (Men want home runs. Women want singles.)

But this book offers so much more. You don’t have to be a financial planner or CMO of a bank or insurance company to embrace the absolute gems she shares in this new effort.

Like just how important listening really is.

Why a man’s status as a “provider” is essential to understand.

The biological differences in male and female brains and what that means to each of them…and you.

Yes, this is a marketing to women book that anyone who hopes to increase their share of market with the segment that has the most influence, and buys the most, will want as their new roadmap to success.”

–    Tom Jordan, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer HY Connect

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