Selling Financial Services to Women

About Holly Buchanan

Holly Buchanan is a popular speaker, author and consultant.  She is he head of Buchanan Marketing LLC,  a consultancy specializing in marketing and selling to women based in Richmond, Virginia.

Holly is the author of Selling Financial Services to Women – What Men Need to Know and Even Women Will Be Surprised to Learn.   She is the co-author (along with Michele Miller) of The Soccer Mom Myth – Today’s Female Consumer, Who She Really Is, Why She Really Buys.

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Who does Holly Buchanan work with?

Holly has worked with hundreds of clients including brands like Genworth Financial, American General Life, Waterford, GE Healthcare, and HP.  She does sales training, and creates marketing campaigns for many industries, with a focus on the financial industry.   She works with companies large and small to improve their sales and marketing efforts and to create superior customer experiences. Hear what financial professionals have to say about Holly Buchanan and her new bookLearn more about Buchanan Marketing’s services.

What’s Holly Buchanan’s area of expertise?

Holly Buchanan brings 25 years of marketing experience to her work (she started when she was 12) and a decade of research into the differences between men and women – their different decision making processes and communication styles.   She’s done testing and research on what works and doesn’t work.  She helps financial companies apply this research and understanding for better results in their efforts to connect with, market to and sell to women and couples.  Holly also works with professional women on how to increase their success in connecting with and selling to men. Learn more about Buchanan Marketing’s services.

What you don’t know about Holly Buchanan.

In addition to her books, Holly writes the Marketing to Women Online blog and is a guest columnist at Be Branded. Follow her on Twitter – @HollyBuchanan or Contact Holly Buchanan.

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